Saturday, April 19, 2014

Of 'likes' and the attendance register

I can now confess. My students will bear me out that as a teacher I seldom carried attendance register to the class room.In fact, I would always tell my students that they needed to come to me only if they loved me enough to want to teach me and learn from me, and that if they came for fear of attendance register only, they needn't come: the attendance register would go to them and they can mark themselves present there.

I didn't want a beautiful girl coming to meet me at midnight merely because I was the local SHO. I would rather she came to me because she was in love with me. Not even out of mere courtesy or desire not to hurt, but simply out of love.

I bring it up here because I feel that many of our friends "like" what others write merely as a social courtesy or group etiquette.

This does speak highly of their culture and kindness. But I am sure all of us would want to see more than a mere like or dislike from our friends.

This is even more important when our friends happen to possess remarkable qualities of intellect and heart; one surely benefits immensely by engaging with them closely and and at length.

Kuchh samajhe bhi ke yoon hi is ko bhi 'like' kar do ge ?

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