Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ease and difficulty of believing in God

Its neither easy nor difficult.( to believe in God)  Its simply about grasping the whole universe in a flash of awareness, a flash which science reveals in the collateral study of structures of atoms and the universe at the same time. In that flash , science attempts successfully to find a common symphony in different beads of creation and putting them in a single string. Religion, in its purest and deeply personal , non- formal and non social form also speaks about the same flash of awareness in which the truth of cosmos is revealed - "as in a shaft of sunlight " as the poet said. 

God, as a dictator sitting out there in some part of the universe passing judgments and handing down punishments and reward for the deeds of humans is merely a cartoon-strip version of a profound experience which some of us can merely glance at and others live at a supreme level of supra-consciousness.

There is good book on the subject ( perhaps I have talked about it earlier also) - Tao of Physics by Fritjo Capra. I humbly recommend this book to all who find science and religion mutually exclusive.

A layman's idea of reliigion - the cartoon-strip version- is as close to the truths of religious experience as the act of fixing a b-cycle wheel is to Einstein's theory of relativity in science, though both do relate in some way to the higher versions.

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