Saturday, March 1, 2014

My sins announce my arrival before I start journey

My sins announce my arrival before I even make up my mind to start the journey. I am the sum total of the sins I have committed in life, plus the guilt of sins I did not commit because I could not. I was in Mahilpur yesterday, and asked the saintly figure whom my mother would often take me to when she was alive.I asked Sant ji if there is a way other than death or disappearance to remove one's sinful presence from the lives of those whose virgin landscapes one has sullied. He said I should have listened to my mother. After a pause , he said, "You should listen to your mother." I was surprised to find that he knew that she speaks to me still: and surprised even more that he knew I still do not listen to her. Saints are cruel people. They rip one's falsehood apart to expose one's ugly foul visage. There are saints here too , and I heard them from behind the words that are too innocent and shy to speak.

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