Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The way to know truth is to be it. Be the experience

And these wars , these quarrels of religions and ideologies -- all these quarrels are quarrels merely about a definition, and therefore pointless. Nothing will ever come out of trying either to define or to understand a definition. You must get at that which you are trying to define. There is - there can be no quarrel there. Nature, Life, God, Energy, Spirit -- call it what you will, it siimply ...does not matter. All your attempts to define it or ever to understand it are like fluttering your wings in a vacuam; nothing will come out of it, nothing will move. Definition is only a concept. Definition is only words. If you change your words, that will not change what the wrods are trying to describe..... One force moves it all -- Nature, God, Life, Energy, Spirit or whatever -- it is the same thing. And it is indivisble; it is the only thing that exists.Nothing else can exist. All divisions , and therefore all wars or quarrels -- are artifificial. You can not define or udnerstand Truth, but you can experience it. When you experience Truth, you will BE Truth. Be the experience.You can not be truthful. You can only be Truth. And the way to be Truth is to know that you are It. Aham Brahamo Asmi. An al haq. I am the Truth. Jit dekho tit laal. Kirshna's song is not the arrogance of ego; it is the humility of knowledge. It is submission to Truth.To be Truth, you surrender your Self. To be anything completely, you let go of who you already are. And it is not a transformation of substance. It is only a journey from not knowing to knowing, from ignorance to awareness -- awareness that truth is all that there is, and that I am that truth. So is everything and everyone I come across. We will talk, "........

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