Tuesday, October 11, 2011

God or Cosmos: why not stop a step shorter?

Birth is not a beginning except of this life, and death is not an end, except of this life. No one knows if cosmos itself has had a beginning or whether it will have an end or not. But surely, in its present form, it has had a beginning in either the big bang or something similar to that. It is impossible to think of a beginning of or an end to the totality of things we see. Was it Sagan who said that it is meaningless to think of God as the Creator this universe for that leads to the obvious other question:"Who created God?" If the answer to that question is that God is self created,( Swayam bhoo or sai-bhung as in Japuji Sahib) why not stop a step shorter and say that Cosmos is self-created, or that it without a beginning , without an end. Stopping at Cosmos as the starting point of our search will at least save us one step. In any case, all religions in their purest forms identify creator with creation and call them one ( khaaliq khaliq, khaliq meh khaaliq)... so does it really matter which name we give to reality: God or Cosmos ?

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