Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do not make sky your limit. There are worlds beyond this sky. There are skies beyond those worlds" Hazel

" Do not make sky your limit. There are worlds beyond this sky. There are skies beyond those worlds, and each sky is only a limit to be crossed, till you find another sky to keep your wings interested in the flight. You were not born to own a house or rule a state or lead a crowd and your life is not just an effort to fill a gap between a certain date and a certain other date. Yours is the path of love, and love has never known these limits, or any limits. Far beyond the farthest star is your home, and lost in the stardust is your path. But tarry not, nor despair. Something deep inside you knows that you can never go astray. The stardust hides a billion, billion paths. Take any path. These paths run in different directions, but all paths take you to the same place, your home. Once home, a quiet smile will adorn your face. Once home, you will know that you were never away from it. You will also know that if the goal of all that flight across universes that you traversed was only to reach your home, its was a journey in vain. But in vain it was not. Each point on the journey was your home. And the home that you have reached has not ended your journey but started a fresh sojourn. To find this out, you had to travel this distance. Without this, you wouldn't have known your home is everywhere. And that is why you will not be disappointed that the journey has not ended. You will feel a strange bliss in your heart. A strange light feathery presence will kiss your soul. And you will feel fresh again.All the tiredness will be gone. Then, start your journey again, this time not to reach home but to spread it. Carry the limit of your home with you. The farther you travel from home, the wider your home will be, till you are able to see that there is nothing in this universe that is not within your home, or does not belong to you - nothing that is not your home. Thus and thus alone have we traveled this far in life. Thus and thus alone have we lived. Go meet the universe; it waits for you to come and claim it. You have always loved all of it. Therefore , it belongs to you because whatever you truly love belongs to you. And that love will teach you that you and the universe you love are one. You and anything you love are one. Something in you is already telling you that you can not love this or love that: you can only love. The day that knowledge becomes an experience, there will be nothing you will not love. Then, there will be voices around you. Some voices will taunt you and call you a lover; others will worship you and call you a saint. Don't be misled by either. A lover and a saint are the same. It is not possible to be one without being another. The day you fully live this truth, all pain will cease. You are not very far off fro that. Take one little, tender step more, and you are there. And once there, your heart will be filled with boundless humility. It will be humility born of the knowledge that you have nothing to be humble about, nor any reason to be proud."

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