Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tomorrow obeys only those who listen to their today. Tomorrow is an elusive maiden except for those who listen to their today. Hazel

"To be here is not to deny elsewhere but to focus everywhere in here. The whole universe is wrapped over in a single point - the point where you are. Destroy that point, and the universe is destroyed. To be here is not refusing to be everywhere but to be anywhere at any time so intensely that everything, everywhere is contained in it. Your tomorrows and your yesterdays exist only in your today. To focus on today is not to kill the by-gone yesterday and the unbron tomorrow;it is in fact to lend intensity to all your yesterdays and meaning to all your tomorrows. When you think of tomorrow, think of it as something present here. Enjoy the thinking. Experience the thinking. Enjoy your little dreams and your little plans and your little hopes -- do not look at them as something that will happen in future. They are already happening. For those who love today as the only time they will ever have power over anything, tomorrows are obedient slaves and yeterdays invisible sweeteners. Tomorrow obeys only those who listen to their today. For all else, its an elusive though attractive maiden. Here and now control everywhere and all time. Be here, experience now, and everything else will take care of itself. That will happen the day you have more faith in what you are than in what you want to be.It is what you are that will determine what you would be.Be who you are. For those constantly lost in the receding mirage of future, past is a haunting ghost over-shadowning the present. Celebrate. There is no other way to live."

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