Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sipping blissfully at the fountains of cool wisdom..to MG

About Osho ( I prefer to call him Rajneesh), I totally agree -- that his was a brilliant mind but not a realised soul. And that he Osho-ised the wisdom of the master. To some extent, we are all guilty of the same flaw -- personalising the received knowledge. He did it better than most as he had an intelligence superior to most. About "Your (my) views on the ultimate reality..." no, quite honestly, I have none, as of now. I am merely groping and still saying Na-eti, Na-eti. ( Not this, not this) Yes, I often make pretentiously confident noises and assertions , but more often than not, that is merely to draw the best out of the person I am speaking to. There is lot ot be gained through listening to superior voices such as yours, and sometimes, I do mischievously try to provoke those whom I most sincerely respect, to get more out of them. I sip most blissfully a the fountains of cool wisdom that generally flows from your wall, and if I ever seem to disagree, it is only to get more and more out of you. When you speak, I am devoted listener, and I feel blessed in my silence.

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