Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love and humility - two little gods for company

  • I must confess that I have been trying to know who and what I am for nearly half a century now, and haven't made head or tail out it. I seem to know everyone except myself !! Sometime back I decided to give up trying to understand who and what I am, and started just being that.
  • Simplistic as it may sound, I have chosen two little gods to accompany me in my remaining years: humility and love. Whenever I find even one of them deserting me, I feel lonely and sinful -- and that often happens. Someone said love is a journey of discovery - of self and the universe. I am putting my faith in that. Yes psycho-analysis might help too but probably won't be half as much thrill and bliss as love and humility bring. This path seems to work for me, but I am not suggesting it will work for everyone. We all must pick our own little pathways to join in to the high road to life and happiness. Love also makes me aware of the thousand imperfections within me, and o the deep crevices in my soul. But Love itself flows in to fill these crevices. Humility, when I walk hand in hand with it, keeps my eye focused on these imperfections -- and teaches me to accept these as my own features, and teaches me to caress these to smoothness and perfection. Not the robot perfection we referred to elsewhere, but a living perfection which only a life full of meaning and love can bring. I want to be on my way

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