Monday, March 7, 2011

Immortality; the living shall never know their own death

Infinity is one millimeter beyond my reach. Eternity is one nano-second after now. Immortality is the knowledge that the living shall never know their death, that the living is born to know life only --that the man I am will never know the man I will never be. Life is nothing but a part of this universe made aware of itself. Godliness is nothing but the knowledge by this part that the parts which seem unaware have awareness sown in their bosom, waiting to sprout. Things take turns with Godliness.Life is awareness sprouting in the dead. That which is dead awaits life; that which is life awaits death- and particles play musical chairs with life, alternating between sleep and awareness in an interminable and humanly incomprehensible exchange of positions ... the twinkle and dazzle of countless decorative electric bulbs in an apparently hurried chain on an endless motion --rapid-fire alternating current.

‎'Life is nothing but a part of this universe made aware of itself'.

The wave crashes water upon water. A droplet rises into the air, and in that transitory moment of separation, becomes aware of itself, its separate life. In awe, it behold...s the tumultuous ocean and tries to make sense of it.

Why do others see anguish in your words where I find ecstasy- intimations of immortality?

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