Monday, March 7, 2011

frankly, I don't know what infinite means

Rajiv: One of the many things I would love both of us to do together is to look through those powerful telescopes and look through tto search the womb of at least the local set of multiple universes.
One thing I would like you to do alone to shave off that goatee. You look so much better being just the Rajiv we knew when woman was the name we gave to the only mystery the universe needed to reveal. ( I have kept that name intact and expanded it to include all my footloose definitions of God ! I know this universe is overwhelmingly infinite -- frankly, I don't know what infinite means -) but to me even the dog who masters and patronizes me every minute is as full of boundless warmth as all the love that rests in the heart of the universe as we know it.

( But get rid of that goatee anyway; no philosophies will justify what simply does not look good and in fact disfigures a divine perfection we have always seen in your face as Biji caressed into being . ( Pay my regards to her; I need her to back-bite you)

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