Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hazel's son on the day of judgement

‎"When all has been spoken and heard against my vulnerable soul in God's presence, I would dread nothing more than the spectacle of a friend in the judge's chair, " said Hazel's son to his friend after he had recovered from a deep hurt. He had breakfast with this friend that morning, and his thoughts ran to someone breaking bread at what turned out to be the famous last supper.

Then, he rose slowly and whispered: The fountains of love, comapssion and forgiveness, if I have any inside me, will never cease. If I don't have them in me, I will borrow them from everyone who has."

"Hatred and anger will breed hatred and anger. If you want love and want others to behave in a civilised and decent way, the only option available to you is to set an example."

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