Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hard Core Hindu Girl as Cleopatra

Harcharan Bains November 1 at 12:53am
Interesting. But Sumy -- what an adorable name !-- how could so completely a fine person like you seem to be ever think of becoming hard -core in religious beliefs. You very beautiful summed your bio up as "I am Cleopatra", ( We all knwo what a strong and lovable person Cleopatra was ) and that description sits well on you -- you deserve to say that abotu yourself. But just a little interruption, Sumi, if you don't mind. No Hindu, who is true to Gita and Lord Krishan and Lord Ram can ever be accused of being hard core. You seem too fine a person to accuse yourself of that. Please have a re-look. I think what you honestly meant was that you have a strong faith in the Hindu way of lfie -- even I have that, though I am not a Hindu. Most of my dearest friends are Hindus, and they are all peictures of liberal conduct l, and we have a great time together. I am sure even you will rise to touch the high moral and spiritual stature that Hinduism sets for its followers. Read Swami Vivekananad or Dr. Radhakrishanan, or any other enlightened soul, and you wil find enough reason to be proud of the liberal legacy of this great religion. I salute your future as a truly liberated soul, uncluttered by any narrow definitions either about your own self or about your great religion. I have reason to believe that you will make your parents and friends proud by turning out to be an elnlightened individual, diffrent from the ordinary people.And of course, I will always be happy to talk to you, on this or any other issue.

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