Sunday, October 31, 2010

Arundhati, Kashmir, India and I

@ Dilbagh Singh:There will always be some people in this wide world who would confuse oddity with originality, and self-righteous arrogance with outspoken truthfulness. Arundhati I consider one such blessed soul. Regardless of what she say...s, ...I do not really think hers are the best credentials to express any serious opinion on Kashmir. Her support for a cause whose complexities she does not even appear to understand is as irrelevant to the issue and as meaningless as my support for any seditious movement in say China or Argentina would be. But relax, we live in a democracy and her free remark tells me more about the tolerant nature of my country than about her or the cause she professes support for . That said , I am proud that only an Indian could speak such bold though inane words. God bless her. I will by praying for her.See More

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