Sunday, October 31, 2010

HAZEL: To someone come from the past for a brief glimpse ..

Would be happy if we could stay in touch, but I wouldn't push things too hard. Never did. I always believed in exercising my right to put in my case, and always respected the other person's right to accpet or reject that. Its been an honourable deal, and I look back at a life which does not reveal much dishonesty or pain inflicted on others. Must have been dead wrong at many places, but have always tried to pull back and rectify -- always had this in mind: will my mother forgive me if I cheated on someone? She never would , and although I was lucky enough to have a helluv a good life, it was largely free from any need for lying. HAve a great time with dear hubby. Wish u all luck and happiness in life. See if you could let me know when you are back.

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