Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hazel:Don't use truth as a weapon.

I m no great fan of Coelho though I like him in patches, as in these lines:"Emotional rubbish consists of pain that has long since passed and is no longer useful.It consists of precautions that were important in the past but that serve no purpose in the present"...Change your feelings to keep pace with what you are today. (The last sentence is modified by me)

Harcharan Bains

Harcharan Bains Telling the truth when you know you will have to pay for it is the only proof of your truthfulness. Telling it only so that it may hurt merely indicates a selfish pleasure in appearing truthful. Truth is not more valuable than the need to spread happiness all around you. A simple test for genuine truthfulness: tell the truth when it will spread more happiness than unhappiness. Don't use truth as a weapon.

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subbanna said...

सत्यम् ब्रूयात् प्रियम् ब्रूयात् न ब्रूयात् सत्यमप्रियम्
प्रियम् च नानृतम् ब्रूयात् ऎषः धर्मः सनातन:

This, I baleive is from some upanishad. You have gone ahead and
said, though succinctly that,truth shall never be used to blackmail !

However, these days, there are many a truth that are public knowledge, yet for risk of loosing popularity, or not to foresake economic good or bounty, and may be in fear of our very existence, we keep our senses shut and pretend, as if that truth never prevailed. Is this justifiable ? Atleast from humanity & ecology point of view, these kind of truth though easier preached, shall prevail. It is there we should use truth as a weapon.