Sunday, October 12, 2014

Words change meanings as we change

Words change meanings as we change. That is why a classic is as much in what the author wrote as in what you read. Every reader re-writes the classic. That alone is what makes a classic both universal and eternal.Or else, a classic would die with the author. Shakespeare would never know what Hamlet do I read . For sure, the words I write are not always the words you read - and I am grateful for that, for if I write a classic,it won't be one classic that I give unto the world, but as many as the minds that read it. Not just that. Even the classic you read today won't be the classic you read when you come back to it tomorrow. Words change meanings as change.When a genius creates a classic, he creates  a different one for each of us, and a different one for us for each time we turn to it.

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