Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pearls over parents

"Other than the love in your heart, what do you have which is worth your loving? Without that love, your child is just a person among billions.. With that love in your heart, those billions are your children, each one a reason for limitless joy. What else is love? What else does love do to you? What is that goddess without the love and devotion that you experience towards her? With love in your heart, that girl in rags roaming the streets to beg is a fairy princess, a goddess, a poem, a lyric, a song, a dance . And yet you ask me should you choose love or riches? Choose riches over your child, over that joy made manifold if you love every child.Do you check genes before you take your child to your bosom ? What is it that makes your child your child, except love.What do you feel when a child , any child, holds the folds of your shirt in his nimble fingers, his mouth, his wet mouth pressed on your neck in love? What do you feel? Ask those loveless parents whose children have either gone away or chosen pearls over parents."

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