Saturday, October 25, 2014

Go rub your bare, wet cheeks against the rainbow: Or dip your hands in rainbow and paint the sky in love..Hazel

"Just as your eyes must need a mirror to see themselves, your mind needs another to understand itself: it is impossible to know oneself entirely without the reflecting aide of another compassionate mind. In the end, experience and intelligence fail where simple, old fashioned and innocent love works. The magical deciphering of oneself and of the world around is a leap of pure affection. Love has eyes as fresh as a newly born infant- with an uncanny knack for marveling at what it understands in a flash," she said, but in a flash she saw that her son was dithering on the bounds of understanding her words, and needed a little extra nudge.

"You once said that to truly understand something, one must always have look at it with wonderment. You said to understand is not to decipher the mystery of something but only to enjoy it," he said.
She looked at him with eyes that bespoke love and kindness. For the first time, she knew her son was inching towards romancing realism.

"The romance of mystery is a plaything for the old; lovers and infants alone can invest the familiar with mystery, and romance it. The wise know too much to understand anything; love renders both wisdom and understanding irrelevant, because love must enjoy everything and be happy with it completely. It is impossible to know something without first being in love with it. Understanding follows love as fragrance follows a flower. "Don't panic at the thrill of love at first sight. That's the only love there is; the rest is mere laboured posturing. But it will require a saint's heart to know that its desire at first sight that is a fleeing joy. The trouble with first sight is that most people mistake desire for love. Desire will always die, first sight or last.Satisfaction of desire will see the death of desire. But satisfaction is what love starts it,"said Hazel, as he persisted with his questions.

"But unless you feel the wonder that a child feels before a rainbow, unless you run bare bodied, barefooted to touch and feet of the rainbow at the edge of the earth, unless you climb that rainbow and hang by it upside down, as dew drop hangs from a quivering, rain-weakened branch - unless you do all this, you know nothing about love which comes as a dream dropping through the mist of particles of rain-moistened wind. Go rub rub your bare, wet cheek against the rainbow . Dip your hands in the colours of the rainbow. As the sun passes through mist to produce a rainbow, so does love pass through your heart to create a multi-splendorous dream," she said.

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