Saturday, October 25, 2014

Frameless grace of being a woman

But thanks for that compliment about my writings recognising the fluidity and frameless  charm and grace of women.....I strongly believe that unlike us men, women defy every definition - whenever she chooses to be a woman. Chooses to be or is allowed to be, depending on the circumstance. Men have been grossly unfair to women, and this is not restricted to just material and physical circumstance. it goes back to their utter failure to understand  "woman" and to judge her by the size of the frame they want to throw  her into.  And that failure stems from their being too full of themselves. In the end, they are the losers for look at how impoverished they are for company when they need class. But who is responsible for that poverty of class? 

As always there are exceptions, and I know some even among my friends.

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