Saturday, October 11, 2014

Incomplete from Niagra

Roar on, Niagara, for prophets follow me wherever I go as does your roll and and your roar.
Love and poetry and prophets follow me wherever I go and where I leave my footprints , God comes and rubs his forehead on the river bed . God follows me  where my feet leave prints, kissing those prints to leave marks for prophets to find a path....Follow me,  will be blessed as your  kisses wash their feet

The mighty circles, whirl pool and the ripple of   waters at the rims  ..these ripples and their murmur at the outskirts echo footfalls of of memory of my maiden love...they  silently sing the same melody that your ripples do....Also the mighty falls do in a roar.  and hearken the gentle, inaudible melody of love that smiles at you all the time.

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