Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hazel: Question of love and understanding

Questions of love and understandingShare
Today April 26, at 3:55pm

If the person you love the most were to turn around one day and ask you, "Why me?" , would anyone have an answer? And if the same person also tells you that he/she loves you with equal intensity and is wondering "Why you?", would the situation become simpler or more complicated? And if the issue is flung farhter into crisis with a question,"How can you love me when you do not even know me well enough ?", should one attempt a retrieval or should one fling oneself into the deep along with the issue? Is it possible to know someone/something without being in love first? Updated 5 hours ago ·

Rajiv Mudgil: One in intense love is so absorbed in the other that 'why me' or 'why you' cannot arise. Beyond a certain level of intensity, the human heart cannot bear requited love. I don't know if it is simpler or more complicated, it is just unbearable and totally at odds with sanity.

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