Friday, April 23, 2010


hours before leaving America
Yesterday 23 APRIL at 6:26am |

Gurbani smiles on me wherever I go. Under a honeyed drizzle across the sprawling New York Broadways, connecting Whitman's New Jersey with Atlantic Blvd, ten figures of love and compassion and forgiveness walk beside me.And as the GPS in Jagvinder's car guides us through roads filled with people urged by love towards their homes, Gurbani leads me to intergalactic spaces, past those spaces, into zones that stretch to the heart of infinity and beyond, a melody walks with soft steps along the Atalantic. And under a soft drizzle, in Jagvinder's car this:

Mein gal vich leho milaaye jio...

jhim jhim amrit varsda, Goli golaya khasam da...

Boh maan kiyaa tudh oopre, tudh aape paaye thaaein jio...

tu thaan thanantar rav rahia Nanak, bhagtaan sach adhaaar jio...

Ootthat bainthat sovat jaagat, jee praan dhan maal,
Darshan piyaas bahut mann mere, nanak daras nihal.

Har darsan ki piyaas ghaneri,
Antt Nanak sharan prabh teri.

Mein gal vich leho milaaye jio,
Deho daras , deho darars, deho daras, deho daras....
Sukh daatiya,
Mein gal vich leho milaaye jio.

Forgiving masters judge not because they know judgement is irrelevant, because forgiveness is the only option they have, the only option they exercise. The Gurus judge not because love is never a slave to judgement. They judge not because they have pre-judged the option. They judge not because they love. And this sinner walks the broad road along the mighty Atlantic even as the loving Gurus smile at my pettiness. Someone said prophets do not follow; they lead. Do they? Only the prophets know how to follow , and they always follow those whom they love (and they love everyone) Only the prophets have the courage to follow. (Do we have the courage to follow the Gurus? If we had, we would have followed their glowing footprints that have waited for 300 years or more, and we would have been blessed and we would have become prophets. Our loveless hearts have kept us from fulfilling our own prophesy, kept us from turning ourselves into prophets.

But here, on New York's Broadways -- here, today, this moment -- the Gurus bless everything with their unending love, compassion, forgiveness and more love and more compassion. Here and everywhere, today and everyday, this moment and always --the Gurus breathe spring into every soul. Rise, and be blessed.Updated on Wednesday ·

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Shashi Samundra P.S. I meant provide Gurmukhi translation along with the Gurnbani quotes.Thnx.

22 hours ago · Rani Bains WROTE IN RESPONSE TO JAGVINDER'S POST: ...and when it comes to being greatful, Jagvinder you are not alone.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 11:44am |

Are these the gentle footfalls of the mighty surge of love that I hear at Niagara even amidst this immortal roar of the waters, or is it the motion of some angry Indian or Greek gods who roll on in an endless motion to write their signatures with water? Footfalls resound like thunder to weak ears, the human ears, but the sky that always listens quietly, patiently, lovingly gently smiles at the play of elements that both frighten and enchant my feeble mind. But I rejoice in this overwhelming palpitation of fear that the roar creates in my heart. I rejoice because both the gentility and the violence of the spectacle fascinates me like a maiden who kills and revives and kills and revives with her fleeting glances. These waters, this movement, this mighty sound and the fog and clouds and this all enveloping chill that has chosen to embrace me with warmth -- what else is the thrill of God? And what else the thrill of love ? The Niagara moves now with awesome regality, but now this constant roar is nothing but an attempt to impress me like a little child trying to impress her mother .And yes, Niagara, rejoice -- because I am impressed ! Because I have love in my heart for you as for every humble rivulet that flows kissing the bosom of this earth. Be proud, but not too much -- because if you are the roar of Shiva, the humble stream is His profound silence. And watch the saints whose hearts reflect you and the the little rivulets alike. But I salute you this moment, not just because this moment you roar like a sage in a trance but also because just a little back from the spectacle, you approach this roar with slow , graceful dance of my maiden love. Footfalls of my maiden love silently sing the melody that your mighty falls do in a roar. Roar on, Niagara, and hearken the gentle, inaudible melody of love that smiles at you all the time.

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Harcharan Bains @balwinder: love and poetry and prophets follow me wherever i go and where i leave my footprints , god comes kissing . ....and i love your roar...

April 17 at 9:54pm · Balwinder Singh So, when do you think love and roar should meet...... I wish this roaring love be heard at the earliest...right there beneath the mighty falls!

April 17 at 11:18pm ·


b&b said...

Life's brightest memories, wrapped up in those wet cold drizzly foggy moments!

ajay said...

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