Sunday, April 25, 2010

HAZEL: God and I

A fresh wound, bleeding profusely, and no cure in sight. But I have decided to square up to it the only way it is possible to do it: accept it and tell God to get lost for the time being. I will call Him back when I am done with this cruelty of circumstance which He is in no postion to undo. Its a helpless poor God we got to deal with, and I know how to do that. I will not trouble Him nor embarrass Him with requests He is powerless to meet. Nor will I give up singing, nor stop being in love with Him and adoring Him. After all, He is MY God, and there are times when He needs me more than I need Him, especially at an hour when His weaknesses and imperfections are in danger of public exposure. For the moment, I will tell Him to go and rule a zone of universe where there are no demands on his grace and compassion so that the legends of His omnipotence and boundless compassion are not disturbed. And He can return when my universe will be one such too. I have stake in God's happiness and His ego, and am sworn to protect both, just as He has been protecting mine. We are playmates, after all, God and I and are in a secret pact to protect each other's myth. (Elaborate later.. Ludhiana)

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