Sunday, August 10, 2014

Snippets from Facebook - also Super Moon

Some festivals carry a subterranean streak of silent pain for some of us.... Brighter and more festive the spirit outside, sharper the slicing edge of that secret the song goes, "baahar to ujaala hai magar dil main andhera"...

"If politician is the face of the system, its backbone still is the bureaucrat.Keep that in mind when you praise or deride either of them."
Indians are very angry with India these days. If India too could speak, I wonder what opinion it would express of Indians in general.Missing: the efficient, faceless and honest bureaucrat who once walked this country by the name of ICS. I have been lucky to have worked with some drawn from the IAS who fitted the classical mould - and one of them rose to be the head of Civil Service in Punjab. But it saddens me that even this first rate officer, whose friend I consider myself without the need of reciprocity from him, was one of the exceptions in the system.

Does Bharat Ratna deserve Netaji Subhash Chander Bose ? Your opinion please. 

( But please don't treat this as a reflection of my opinion on the importance of the award. If the government decides to confer it upon me, I promise not to embarrass the Prime Minister by refusing to accept it. But we are talking of Netaji Subhash Chander Bose.!)

Do not always disbelieve a person who says he is not scared as a husband; after all, not every man is necessarily a married man.

People are always willing to change their opinion about others, if the opinion is good. However if in their opinion someone is bad, that opinon they will cling to like dear life even in the face of compelling evidence to the contrary.
Why ??THE MOON THAT WILL RISE TODAY IS AN EXTRA-SUPER MOON - both astronomically and astrologically.This doesn't happen too often. And it happens because this day moon will be as close as it gets to earth in its annual elliptical cycle- the distance reduced from a maximum of 400, 000 kilometers ( 248,548 miles- apogee) to just about 356,896 kilometers (221,765 miles) away. iT WILL CST LESS TO GET THERE TODAY. 


Moon is considered a very special celestial body and is believed to exert great influence on earthly happenings - both scientifically and astrologically. This is most evident in tidal waves influenced by the gravitational pull of moon

There is also a belief that moon affects human imagination - -because of the heavy content of water in human body.
. The closer it is - as today - the greater the influence.The word lunatic comes from Luna ( moon) and literally means " affected by moon" .
We all know why lovers and poets - who feel so close to moon - are also considered a little ( if not totally) lunatic.(The word 'romantic also means extravagant, exaggerated, wild, imaginative, fantastic. improbable, unreal - all drawing their source from imagination qualities attached to the influence of moon).:
You also must have heard of the expression "mooning around".
Thus the special place moon enjoys in the world of arts, especially poetry and music is not altogether unjustified.

The proximity of moon to earth can also cause tectonic effects -earthquakes, geographical as well as in the lives of men !! :)It is said that the greatest number of crimes including murders suicides also happen on full moon nights. So do not go out alone tonight.
Its better to romance - or write poems or draw paintings or compose songs - sitting on the roof your secure homes.

But moon has a pull all its own.

The only way to reduce the impact of failure is to accept it.

In war, both sides lose, and its just a question of who lost more. In trade, both sides win, and its a question of who won more. - Senior Pakistan Journalist Najam Sethi on Indo-Pak relations.

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