Sunday, August 10, 2014

Brothers and Sisters- six in all?

I have told this before to some friends, but some may still bear to hear it.

I was the youngest of six children in our family, four brothers and two sisters. My eldest brother was an extremely brilliant and handsome debonair - Brad Piit looks combined with culture and grace of Dilip Kumar. The one younger than him was a perfect shot, a big game hunter, with a heart that could make tigers blink -literally. He had killed many. My third brother next in line one younger than him was not much different from the rest- a big game hunter, rough,rugged, rustic and a lover of dangerous drives and dangerously beautiful women .

And then we had two sisters.

Unfortunately, only I and my exceedingly gracious and pious sister are left to look a stark family tragedy in the eye.

Compared with my manly , extrovert brothers, I was considered quite the weak girlie, sentimental and clumsy lad - truly a mamma's boy.

We would have many guests daily and I would gladly act as the proud "waiter" to serve meals to them.
One day this happened. And please remember, we were four brothers and two sisters.

When I was excitedly helping in serving food to guests, one of them asked my brother how many brothers and sisters we were.

Brother replied most casually, without even looking up, , "Three brothers and three sisters."

Thinking that brother had erred absentmindedly, I corrected, "Veer ji, Four brothers and two sisters."

Brother looked up at me , with a most compassionate and kindly smile, and said, "So, you count yourself among brothers?"

"Munda saoo aa," commented the guest, as he looked at me and smiled .

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