Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mungheri lal ke Unseen Sapne

Mungheri Lall ke Unseen Sapne ( Bhi sach hotey hain) 

India can win the Fourth Test against England, though it would require a magnificent resilience and more than their share of luck . ( 'More than their share' because in the previous three matches, the entire team of God's angels of luck acted like Her Majesty's Loyal Servants, and India's share is held back in reserve.)

My hope springs from Indian sporting miracles like Davis Cup Inter Zonal Finals against Brazil in 1967-68 (?). With the rubber tied at 2-2, the final and decider Reverse Singles match between Ramanthan Krishnan and Thomas Koch was all but lost, with Krish trailing locked two sets to one, and 2-5, 15-40 in the fourth set.In other words, the hugely talented Brazilian champion Thoma Koch had a a 2-1 set advantage, and had two game, set and match points.
Half the spectators had already left the Calcutta Tennis Stadium, and it all seemed merely formalities for Koch to complete.

Then came one the greatest and the most stunning come backs in the history of all sports and THE greatest "from the edge of precipice" turnaround in Davis Cup ever.
Kris saved two match points, the first with a classic sharply angled cross court return and the other with a superb 'touch' drop shot which krish was always famous for. It was deuce (40-40). The Indian touch artist produced a dream like return to form, and played like man possessed to sweep five games in a row, and from 205, 15-40, he clinched the set without dropping another game, winning at 7-5..

Kris by was no longer playing tennis. Those who saw the match ( I only heard the AIR commentary as a class nine student in my rural school) -- those who were lucky to be thee that aftrnoon could not believe their eyes.
Kris was no longer playing tennis , they agreed, and it was some flawless divine spirit that they saw on the tennis court, some God of perfection in a dance of joy and delirium with precision and flow and movement all in a dazzling fusion under an awe-struck sky and unbelieving sun.Such was this magic of artistry that the powerful Koch was swept off the floor without so much as even a semblance of a fight in the tie-decider fifth set, Kris winning 6-2.

Record books say that Krishnan won the last set 6-2 but what they won't reveal is the Shiva's dance of destruction on a Calcutta tennis court in July 1966.

Western Media wrote incredulously of " Madras miracle in Calcutta" and said Kris was the god of Oriental Magic.I heard the melody and the beat on which God's feet tapped that afternoon.

At Manchester, another Madras magician could yet revive the oriental Magic.

And what do you say about my memory, writing all of it from pure memory.?? . (This is just a veiled request that errors on facts etc may please be overlooked. But on the actual scores of the rwo sets, my memory will never fail me like it will never fail while recollecting many newspaper headlines almost half a century ago!! )

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