Monday, February 3, 2014

The mud my feet and the skies you adorn..Hazel

"Perhaps god and life want us to embrace everyone and to try to take everyone along..To embrace an enemy is to find a friend. To embrace an enemy is to discover a friend, to discover that the enemy was never there, that he was nothing but a our own secret and camouflaged hatred, and negativity given flesh and blood.. To embrace an enemy is to gain a friend , and to gain a friend, you need nothing but to have someone to love. To have someone to love , you need nothing but love in your heart. Those who love are never short of the beloved. No one has ever gone around with a selection criterion in his hand to find an object worthy of his or her love. To love, you need nothing but love in your heart and be worthy of it. It can't be any other way. ... To embrace an enemy is to find a friend....The day we are able to do it, we would be closer to what the Guru meant by "sagal sung hum ko ban ayee" summat saadhu te paayee."

She had spoken like she always did. He felt a surge of love in him, a surge that seemed keen to embrace the universe.

"I am glad I have to look up towards the skies to find you these days. Even the mud my feet are in is envious of the skies you adorn these days...Even the mud my feet are in wishes to relieve them and lighten itself and ride my wings..."

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