Friday, February 28, 2014

Close encounter with life and death..

"Something that transcends both life and death touches us at moments of close encounter with either. Its not easy to face life at close quarters, because at close quarters it always smacks of death; its not easy to encounter death either because the very fear of it blinds us to its true nature. Obviously death by itself doesn't even exist, but the thought of a time when this wondrously colorful panorama will be pulled away from us is hard to live with. Life is an addiction, and death is only an item in it ; death has no life of its own. . Withdrawal from life's addiction, or even the thought of this withdrawal, fills us with fear.There are some among us who are able to mock at both life and the withdrawal. We call them "Buddha". It is tempting to try to find out who they are and how they look at and treat life.Its beyond me, but something like a phantom in a dream invites me to know them, and then, if possible, laugh with them.May be, they look at the rest of us as guests who are making an issue out of leaving a hotel room.What a joke then we and our concerns about life and death must appear ! "

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