Friday, February 28, 2014

Kudrat deese, kudrat suniye

"Kudrat deese, kudrat suniye, Kudrat bhau sukh saar
Kudrat paataali aakaasi, kudrat sarb aakaar" - Asa di Vaar

(Kudrat = Energy that takes shape in infinite forms and permeates every particle of dust, every breath of the winds, every force of motion of matter and energy. Kudrat is Nature in this sense of Nature, not in the sense of a mere scenic landscape. Kudrat as the embodiment of Eternally Loving Energy is what we all bow before . )

"Skies beyond count rolling upon skies beyond limit
Scaling the heights and depths of the cosmic infinitude,
And these countless forms and shapes that forever emerge

This ,my friend, bespeaks the stern love we all feel;

Nature, the Mind of God visible made
Nature, the Silence of God to symphony turned

This - the sole vision that you see
Everywhere, and the sole energy that you hear.

(Note: Humble attempt to capture the spirit of the meanings of that wonderful and breathtaking moment which the Guru's loving pen turned to verse . HB )
Fabulous Weather....Ocean looks so calm and tranquil....wish I could borrow its serenity...!!!
It remembers me of a quote: "“if the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both salt water mixed with air.”

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