Friday, June 22, 2012

When you speak, you touch but one of millions of layers of truth

"Whenever you say something, you address but one of the million layers of truth. Because you did not and can not touch all layers at one stroke, it does not follow that what you spoke was wrong; it only means that it was true in a limited way. For the matter of that, everything spoken can be true only in a limited way. Whenever you touch something, you leave a lot else untouched. You can not touch the whole universe at one stroke. But you can know the whole universe at one go. And the way to do that is so simple. It is called love.

And love? Love at first sight is the only love that is possible. You can never know anything without first being in love with it. The belief that you need to know something well before loving it is so grossly misleading; knowledge is impossible without love. If you want to know something – from your child to God – fall in love first. There is no better example of this than a mother. No one knows you better than your mother does, but that’s because she hadn’t bothered to know you before deciding to love you. In her case , it is love even before first sight. You will never a better form of love on this earth. ”

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