Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Psychological singularity and God experience..

 Contrary to popular versions of god-experience, religion has practically nothing to do with the next world, or life hereafter. I am not forgetting all that literature,  talking about reward and punishment in next life, but that is where organised religions differ from relgious experience of the kind that mystics are believed to have had. As in Zen, so in all religious experience, it is about "here" and "now" experience the" hereness" of the here and the "nowness" of now. Meditation too is about stopping your mind from wandering into future or possibilities and to focus only on the simple -life exprience of now-ness and hereness. Its about eliminating past and present and focusing on shunaya -- the zero, the nothingness.  Pranayam too is all about that. After-life be damned; its about filling your present moment with Godness ( which is another name for the experience of fullness of life and of one's being) Its got nothing to with the ideas of your sins being visited upon you in later life-- or your virtue being rewarded. Its about surrender to whatever is, and to submit to the overpowering force of God-ness, cosmos, universe, or laws of universe ( also known as 'hukam' in religious  lexicon). There is nothing supernatural about it. Religious experience is all about Nature-experience. or fullness-experience.By Nature, we  mean all that  there is, and to experience all that there is in a single moment of highest density--, a moment that is as infinitely powerful as the absolute and infinite gravity of cosmic singularity .. that's religious experience. Its like hitting upon a psychological singularity; the absolute gravity, when everything is contained in an invisible small point of mind and matter.   In short, all the mountains of theorizing about how a certain creature resembling in many ways man and known as God created man and everything else, and how our actions will determine an after-life etc....these were fairy tales as first lessons in primitive education to teach mankind in its infancy. But soon, the race grew out of infancy and the Hindu savants and Muslim faqirs and Zen masters  and others realised that life is all about the moment that is upon us and what we make of it. Pleasure and pain, happiness and sorrow -- they all exist in the present only. Future is an abstraction and past a name given to mere memory......don't i already talk like some savant gone out of his mind ?????????? ..............  Thats my  present, may be And present alone is the reality. jo bhi hai, bus yahi ik pal pal ke hone se duniya hamaari hai / ye pal jo dekho to, sadion pe bhari hai, pal ujaala hai, baki andhera hai....( Says Eliot: Time past and time future are both contained in time present, which is eternally present... something to this effect.)

 Let's lead ourselves inward to where the very best resides within us -- that best is none but our own reflection-- in fact, that best is we ourselves.

Crooks will do what the crooks should do; its their job. Our job is to focus on what we will and must do. We owe it to no one except ourselves.No armies of crooks can be used to justify our own neglect of our own simple job: to focus on the best within us -- HERE AND NOW .

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