Friday, May 4, 2012

Peace cometh dropping in as dew on a petal

Sometimes, I give myself company and look back at the hectic year or so that went by with such hurly burly mental adventurisms that I hardly had time to be with myself, even for a minute. But because I have never regretted anything in life, treating even mistakes as part of the learning process, I can look back peacefully and smile at my own stupidities. But all that feels like a montage of quickly shifting images from some previous life, lived many a millenia ago....all those passionate fights, debates and all. Great fun, but nothing much more. But for what it was, it was certainly enjoyable -- and, who knows, even useful. As I said, I never regret even my losses and look at them as investments in peace and happiness. May be, the peace that is dropping slow in on my soul these days may be the fruit of the feverish investments of my past. Even if that were not so, I would not trade the treasures dropping in on my lap  with a Kingdom of  Heaven.
        And I have often found it  amazing how sometimes people you have never known in life, never met suddenly turn up into important images in that montage,  and  suffuse the whole spectrum of life with soft light when harsh colours are threatening to dominate everything around us. For this, the only natural response is  gratitude -- gratitude which itself brings peace dropping in as gentle dew on  some tender weather-ravaged petal on a  cool, clear dawn. I have often experienced that on some particularly dark days, a voice would come singing softly of how pregnant clouds sometimes proudly  wave their standard, challenging stormy winds that threaten to wipe them clean off the skies. Storm over, a cool breeze fills the vales and its peace everywhere.   (HAZEL)

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