Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hazel:nothing contradicts nothing

HAZEL May 23, 2012 9.00 PM

"You are the only proof you need and the only proof you will ever get that you are not an illusion.  You are not a seeker of Truth but Truth itself. You and your seeking and that which  you seek are all rolled in within you. All else is an illusion, and eNothing cven that illusion is part of you only. Don't shy away from that it but accept it for what it is meant to be: a plaything for your mind."

And then after a pause," Accept everything. When you reject something, you reject a part of yourself. Pick it up, reshape it and give it the meaning that echoes the music of your life. There is nothing else you need to know about God and Godliness. "

Words seemed to wing towards him from afar, carried aloft a gentle, almost imperceptible easterly wind. And for the first time, the words were beginning to mean something. But the words contradicted everything he had learnt in life , even the good things or things he thought were good. Even more important, these words   ran contrary to everything she had told him in life. There was a tinge of deep disquiet , so unlike her, in her voice, and the words seemed to belong to a person he had never her to be. "Had she given up on all that she stood for, all that she had suffered for -- uncomplainingly, stoically, even happily? Had she hit upon the untruth of her life?"

He struggled with these thoughts as she caught him looking at her with eyes that carried a little puzzlement and disbelief and confusion. And she smiled at him again and this was the smile he had always known since his childhood. This smile had always defined all that he was and had always in a strange way, stripped him bare to the soul . What it revealed was a little trusting child.

She smiled gently and but today the smile unsheathed a strange discomfiture in him. Till she started speaking again.

"White does not contradict black; it only defines that. Darkness is not the absence of light but only a proof of its presence elsewhere. Truth is not timed and therefore it is not eternal either. It is eternal because it dies every second, every hour, and in its death is truth reborn. That which does not surprise is not truth but there is nothing that will not surprise if our minds had not fallen dead. Life is nothing but the ability to receive and respond to surprises. The moment surprises cease, something like death takes hour. There is no happiness except that carried to you in little packets of surprises. Life is bringing surprises with every breath; quite often, these are too many for us to stand or even acknowledge. From one heart-beat to the next, it is all surprises. Total predictability, total consistency, total death. There is another name for death; boredom. And an even worse form of it: insensitivity. Do I make sense even today? If I do, the you or I need to reconsider our position. Life does not and is not meant to make no sense. Life lived fully is a ceaseless ecstasy, and ecstasy makes nonsense of all your norms and laws and sense and reason."

She stopped speaking. But around head and in her eyes, a storm raged in full fury. And he was still wondering , why is there so much calm and peace behind her eyes that rolled like a frenzy. Suddenly, he was reminded of the pot-makers wheel that moved in feverish circles but looked perfectly still at the center.

The moon above shone with more than a cool glow and its rays kissed the tops of the trees and the bosom of the river in their wonted loving way. And the dark heart of the forest also shone bright under moonlight. There was absolutely peace all around, broken occasionally by the competitive blare of temples and Gurdwara in the nearby town. 

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