Monday, April 11, 2011

Humility of the vanquished and the vanquisher

The dignity of the humble is far more imposing than the hollow vanity of the high and mighty.
Humility as a social etiquette is not bad but its only when humility flows as naturally as love does that it carries any meaning. It requires greater courage in a vanquished to be humble.Easy to be humble when one is victorious or powerful.Acceptance of defeat with grace and humility is the only way to learn and move forward. however, self-respect in the defeated will always be more popular. We need to move beyond what 'looks' good or bad and on to what 'is' good or bad. That said, even humiity is not possible without self-respect. It is only because we respect ourselves that we care to be humble. ...All this requires a greater space than just a few comments here, may be.

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