Sunday, January 19, 2014

Shiv Modgil, Facebook and America Invented

On January 17, Shiv Ram Modgil  joined Facebook.  This is the greatest news since Columbus discovered America.. Be careful, though. Its all in public domain. like Columbus' discovery. You can't write anything too personal here, like how your boss is treating you and how your subordinates think you are vane bag of self-righteousness and arrogance...

  • Rani Bains Awwww Shiv bhaji, dont let these experts discourage you in any way, just stick around and you will be glad you did. By the way do you know now how to accept a friend request..........before you change your mind again!
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  • Harcharan Bains Rani Bains With a little encouragement from you, our Columbus would even invent America if he couldn't discover it !! Rani, this is truly a breakthrough worth recording in letters of gold in human history. You know your Shiv Bhaji and what it means to facebook to have him on board. The next I am expecting is Facebook going caligraphic and carried through postal exchanges.. Love you Shiv Ram Modgil There seem two accounts, one with the dashing profile of our hero and the other without it. Rani please help him sort it out..

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