Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What is gained through aggression will be taken away through greater aggression: Hazel

'Always remember this: what is gained through aggression or through plans or even through victories of body and mind can always be taken away through greater aggression, superior plans and bigger victories of body and mind. What is gained through love and humility and surrender can never be taken away from you, except through and as an act of love and humility: and you never mind giving anything away as an act of love and humility . In fact, the more you lose on this path, the happier you are. Love is always happy to give; desire, always happy to snatch, to grab. That is why the objects that desire brings you are so temporary and so insecure. Fear of losing and of defeat always accompanies victories of desire; Fruits that love brings have no fears of loss accompanying them; Strangely, in fact, you are always keen to share, to give away the fruits that love brings you: you are searching for people to share love with. And here is another paradox. Everyone wants to possess things that make one happy , and to leave pain for others. Strangely however,it is in the nature of pain that it can not be shared; it is in the nature of happiness that everyone wants to and can and does share it. And here is the key to the difference between love and desire. No one wants to share objects of desire and joy; everyone wants to share love and happiness. "

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