Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Nothing to add, my son, to what I have already written to you, except perhaps pass on to you the voices that I have been hearing since the day I last stayed under this vast canopy.- a canopy of parchment made from raiment secured through skinning my self off. But for one whose pockets complain of no coins, this was just and minor shedding off load. 

Instead of coins and paper, I bring you voices, son, voices that fill empty corners in the valley with fragrant air. In special, there is a voice which resembles my mother's - is it hers? May you and I be happy only in the happiness of others and make their happiness my own !

We have been talking about our problems,my son, and I know you have those aplenty. But we have talked enough. It is time perhaps to turn inwards and discover the secret fountainhead of love and joy and spread it around. It is time to get up and bathe in sunrise of a new, boundless love - beyond definitions, beyond bounds and beyond even the imaginary horses which you and I keep riding through the streets of rows upon rows of dream-like, wall-less houses, riding into this city of love beyond the need for acknowledgement,and much less reciprocity . Thank you, horses, for you have taken me and my son past many a rough and ragged terrain, negotiating the scary turns and precipices with the ease of a musician. Thanks.

Thanks too for more - a wealth that it would never be possible for me to own, except through kindness, understanding and compassion of this Valley of Graces - the wealth of that belongs to my son, and the greater wealth of love in his heart that belongs to his mother - a love that he knows how to keep within his bosom. He therefor keeps busy distributing it among leaves and branches and petals of flowers and colts and nightingales and scorpions and snakes and rabbits and redbreasts in this amazing vale.

And horses ! horses!! - you who have taken people in hundreds and thousands of millions, as children of this valley, across milestones across this valley and its stretches to their final mission.

And honestly in a hush, horses, between you and me as friends, tell me, horses, do you ever expect thanks for all your wearisome and selfless efforts?

Oh no, stop neighing and don't be angry - deflate those fuming nostrils, and bring those hooves down on the ground. . Okay, I will never talk about expecting gratitude and thanks , but please , silence now. Yes, like that ! Good children. Our Father is here.

And now, let that colt, your colt - let him and my son play together here. And okay, I will tell my colt never to seek those pointless answers through questions which echo neither this valley, nor horses, nor you nor me, nor my colt nor your sons - these questions roam the valley of innocence like molesters. You and I shall defeat their intent, for you and I know that in their worst avatars, the goal of questions is never answers; it is just molestation.

And please, you dear horse, please allow my son to learn from yours how to carry the wealth of innocence and love on his back and bound across mountains and hills like the bard's daughter. And let him learn from the colts that backs were created for legs and legs for valleys and mountains, as hearts were created for love and love for humility and compassion. My son too will learn how to carry the wealth of gratitude and not mix it with the wealth of love, but keep it as pearls of a different hue and different make. Teach him how to carry big loads of valley's never-ending wealth.

And teach him to know and respect the difference between wealth and loads, and between loads and burden.

Part 2:

'Always remember this: what is gained through aggression or through plans or even through victories of body and mind can always be taken away through greater aggression, superior plans and bigger victories of body and mind. What is gained through love and humility and surrender can never be taken away from you, except through and as an act of love and humility: and you never mind giving anything away as an act of love and humility . In fact, the more you lose on this path, the happier you are. Love is always happy to give; desire, always happy to snatch, to grab. That is why the objects that desire brings you are so temporary and so insecure. Fear of losing and of defeat always accompanies victories of desire; Fruits that love brings have no fears of loss accompanying them; Strangely, in fact, you are always keen to share, to give away the fruits that love brings you: you are searching for people to share love with. And here is another paradox. Everyone wants to possess things that make one happy , and to leave pain for others. Strangely however,it is in the nature of pain that it can not be shared; it is in the nature of happiness that everyone wants to and can and does share it. And here is the key to the difference between love and desire. No one wants to share objects of desire and joy; everyone wants to share love and happiness. "

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