Monday, September 2, 2013

"There are no final goals in life. There are only steps you take towards them. Every step defines a goal,"..from Hazel

"You have run one fourth of your race well, are well on course for what you set out to do, and then suddenly get distracted towards something more immediately promising, alluring and rewarding , and achieve half of that too. And then , suddenly you look back to the exact point where you lost focus, got distracted. And you find that time has run our - almost - and you have gone in a direction that has taken you farther away from what you originally set out to reach......" In fact he had lost focus again. He had forgotten why he was saying what he was saying.

Then the forest spoke again:

" One fifth of the track is still ahead of you, inviting you to take it and try to re-route and finish as much of the race you originally started as you can because that was the race you were born to run. You may not reach the goal but you would be nearer it. Make sure that your goals are right. If you are running in the wrong direction, re-route - no matter how far you are gone. Once you do that, remember this, and only this: the important thing in life is not to reach your goals but to keep running and enjoy the distance covered. Every yard you cover towards the right goal - the goal after your heart -and every stride you take towards it, every step you put forward is a goal in itself, as enjoyable and as much worth reaching as what you thought was the final goal. There are no final goals in life. There are only steps you take towards them. Every step defines a goal, is a goal. If you do not enjoy the steps, you will not enjoy any goal you achieve. The important thing in life is not to breast the finishing tape;the important thing is running towards it. The goal in life is not the finishing line, but the track that takes you towards it. If you don't love the race, then the goal is not worth your reaching. Those who remember the goal and forget the race lose both."

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