Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is Punjab going down the drain? Shiv Pratap note

please see that punjab is not going down as is commonly perceived...what has happened is that like every economic cycle, the agro cycle too has reached its logical saturation point...we have seen immense growth in the last 30/40 years...now one can grow only so much food in given land...new imponderables have to brought in like genetically modified strains or food processing technologies to add more value to the products.. ...if punjab is going to dogs then how do u explain rising land costs ..?..u can't eat a chapati that is not baked, if people are spending then it must come from somewhere...which shows that they are definitely affluent and in good measure....how do u explain the fact the punjab with only 2 % of national population contributed 3 % to the National GDP...a staggering share .and that too with only agro produce which cannot hold a candle to engineering products....drugs/ alcohol is typically a problem of abundance not poor population and definitely of sociological nature with cultural nuance... punjab has always had opiates consumed in noticeable quantities ....how is it that punjabi's spend so much if they are being economically ruined....regarding the femicide...that too is asocial problem compounded by diagnostics technology...its not an economic thing....so lets not be alarmist but surely reforms and refinements are needed...there is no Q. about it...but not in the fashion that is being brandished about.. Shiv Pratap on Facebook (Punjab Siasat) February 14, 2012.

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