Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Badal and I ( On Valentine's day !!)0

Mmy love and respect for PSB is based on certain values which we have both respected between ourselves. As a politician, I understand he has to take some flak and I understand also why everyone can not share my view of him; not everyone is supposed to. We all have our own private heroes in life. He is mine, just as Captain Saab is Swarnjeet Singh Brar 's and Manpreet Badal of some others. We are all within our zones to admire them. I grant also that attachment with PSB is of a profoundly emotional nature which may sometimes make it difficult for me to see and be fair to his critics'view of him . But I am also conscious that Punjabis have repeatedly opted for this man as their voice. They could have been wrong once or twice but not time and again, and over a period long enough to span four generations of people. I am also aware that his critics, Captain AS included, speak so highly of his personal qualities -- I know that for a fact.Till Manpreet parted ways with us, PSB was a God even unto him, as was borne out by his later announcement "Tu saada rabb nahin, te asin tere bande nahin." What a huge moral burden lay hidden behind that one brave but painful sentence, Manppreet perhaps would be only one to know that I understand this despite our differences. Its a subject worth a book, and may be someone will do justice to it one day, doing justice to Manpreet and Sukhbir at the same time.....Coming to my own relationship with PSB, for the better part of my life, I have kept it free from taint of any kind --keeping it morally, spiritually and emotionally a virgin whose innocence is inviolate. I say it with a mixture of pride and humility. No shadow of guilt scars my attachment with him --and I know I owe it to someone in my life to have kept my priorities straight and upright. March 6 is too inconsequential a date in a relationship of such substance. He knows I have issues with the Chief Minister but none with the man.

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