Friday, September 2, 2011

All things living are but inverted windows into the Cosmic Mind, also called God

God is all mind and the Infinite Cosmos is that mind made visible.There is nowhere for God to hide away from all that He spreads through. His Will to be omnipresent leaves Him with no choice but to be visible in any direction we look. All things that live are inverted windows into that Mind- also called God or Truth.These windows keep shifting as kaleidoscopic shifts. We name these shifting images as 'life' or 'death'. Replace 'God' with any other term, and the meaning won't change.


A S Rai said...

Sir,Plato has put this idea very well.Kindly try and read his chapter on Philosopher King,in his book Republic.There he puts it very well,by equating the world to shadows,and philosopher kings who are able to see beyond,shadows are not prompted in their actions by shadows.

harcharan bains said...

A S Rai: thanks indeed for being here. Will read that bit form Plato.