Friday, January 6, 2012

Never fall in love with death, but love it anyway

‎" Never fall in love with death, but love it anyway and use that love to challenge yourself to live more fully, more meaningfully and more joyfully. The refusal to recognize the beauty of life, the refusal to dream the dreams even knowing them to be dreams only, the tendency to wallow in chronic despair and cynicism -- what else is death? Don't love this face of death, but death has other faces that will fascinate you.There is a romance about death, a mystery, a wonderment that it inspires like nothing else does, investing life with a glow it would otherwise never have.All the urgency about life, all the intensity it packs into each moment we experience, all the attachment to things we value-- all these draw their life from the presence of death at the end of it all. Without that, life would really be such a drab, uninteresting and meaningless tale."

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Shashi Samundra said...

I don't think anyone has any fascination for death, but it does make life more attractive; sometimes, also adding unnecessary anxiety. Nice write up. Liked reading it after my several days absence..