Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Words glow only under the light of sincerity AND Solitude

Words glow only under the light of sincerity and feeling. Otherwise, these are mere dry work tools

Solitude has no meaning in the phsyical sense of the word. You always have the option of surrounding yourself with people. Byron's Prometheus had developed kinship even with ants and chains during his incarceration. Solitude is essentailly a mental phenomenon, and it can strike you even amidst a crowd. The swarms of thoughts and ideas and feelings that jostle against one another in one's head often serve only to heighten the acute sense of solitude, when you are passing through that lonely "feeling" -- as I often do. It tugs and gnaws at one's heart, and no crowd of giggling friends or talkative darlings can reduce that piercing feeling. In fact, the lonelier you feel, the more oppressive you are likely to find enforced company, even of friends who may believe they are trying to help you out of your loneliness. But solitude can also be a bliss -- as it was for Wordsworth, or is for those who want to reflect on sweet memories about their loved ones. (As the songgoes: yaad tu aaye, mann ho jaaye, bheerh ke beech akela ..!) or as daffodils flashed across Wordsworth's "inward eye/ which is a bliss of solitude)

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Saty Randhawa said...

You are truly blessed if encounter these moments of solitude. In fact, without a doubt it is these moments that bring these wonderful thoughts that you share with us.
However, solitude must not be confused with loneliness as solitude is the joy of being alone while loneliness is the pain of being alone