Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hazel: Pain as a prophet

Part One: Tears are not just about pain; they speak of a profoudner truth, which is far, far beyond mere crying. I am a prophet of pain myself and cannot depercate tears. But i hate to see these pearls turned into mere symbols of self-pity. Tears take us closer to God like nothing else does -- nothing else except pure joy.

Part Two :

Tears are God's chosen language. And so is innocent laughter.
But i am speaking of tears not as an expression of mere personal loss but as windows to a deeper reality -- "magic casements opening on floors of perilous seas", as Keats said it (almost , and never mind if he said something different. I say it here.) Mystic ecstasy and the pain of bereavement , as expressed by souls like Bulle Shah , Farid, Blake, Whitman, Nanak, Meera ) , must lead us on to the limitless firmament of starless skies that lie beyond --and within - all that we see.Tears are no laughing matter, and surely these are not kid-stuff. Never waste tears on things that don't deserve such wealth. Tears are the Gods' language, and they msut always speak of Truth in the larger context. And God is nothing except you looking at yourself in all your boundlessness and immortality.And immortality is othing except losing your identity into a reality that always lives aroudn you. You cannot carry this petty, narrow, limited identity into oceans of eternity and infinity, and expect it not to dissolve there.

What is true of tears is true equally of pure innocent delight, ecstasy.


There are billion times billion times billion times billion ways --and more -- of getting closer to "God" ( which is a realisation of Godliness within us: there is no God beyond you -- man tu jot saroop hain) Tears are one of those ways; its extreme opposite --pure ecstasy -- is another. And there a countless (asankh) doors to that goal. Nanak antt na antt! And it does not matter which way you choose. Jit duaare ubhre titte leho ubhaar....!!

Part Four:

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