Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tailing Destiny as a favourite pet in a corner of your house

My search for mysel has ended. I have found the rascal and found him quite a loveable rogue, and I am glad to allow him to graze whichever magic pastures he chosses to graze in. The search for any high reality is not my concern now; it is his. I will only tail him for pleasure, as I used to tail my dearest calf in the village in my childhood, enjoying her wayward and rakish forays into the neighbour's fields. For some reason, the rascal would always run off into those fields even though my own had enough to offer. It was her destiny to enjoy another's crop. Destiny is such a darling pet it keeps licking you all over even if you refuse to feed her. Your search for your self ends the moment you realise that self has better things to do than being discovered.

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